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You’re in Debt. How Screwed Are You?


You’re in Debt. How Screwed Are You?

You’re in Debt. How Screwed Are You?

Have you wondered how much debt you’re in compared to everyone else? Maybe you’ve wondered how much debt is too much debt? Pretty much everyone has some form of debt, but it’s how you manage it that’s important.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered how screwed you really are, you’re about to find out, thanks to our short quiz.

How many credit cards do you own that you owe money on?

Do you know exactly how much money you owe and who you owe it to?

Do you often have to borrow money from loan companies to make ends meet?

Do you borrow money from family and friends?

Are you paying back your student loans?

Have you had to pawn things to make ends meet?

Do you ever lose sleep at night worrying about debt?

How much is your total household debt?

Would you consider borrowing from your retirement fund to help pay off your debts?

Does a large part of your income belong to debt payment?

Are you over the limits on your credit cards?

When paying your credit card dues, do you only settle the minimum amount despite knowing you should pay more?

Do you use credit for everyday expenses?

Do you find it difficult to pay your utility bills on time?

Do you rely on overtime, tips or bonuses to make ends meet?

Do financial issues cause arguments at home?

Do you avoid your phone when it rings in case it’s a company chasing debts?

Do you always pay your bills on time?

Have you consolidated your debts to make them more manageable?

Have you ever considered bankruptcy?

You’re in Debt. How Screwed Are You?
Mostly As:

You’re in control of your finances! While you may have a little bit of debt, it’s natural, there is such a thing as good debt. You’ve really got your head screwed on when it comes to money matters, don’t let that change!
Mostly Bs:

Things could go either way for you. Unless you really think about how you’re spending your money, you may end up in more debt than you can handle.
Mostly Cs:

From the sounds of things, you’re in more debt than you can handle. To put it bluntly, you’re screwed! You’re not living your best life if you’re worrying about debt on a daily basis. You should consider revisiting your financial priorities and paying habits.

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