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Did you know that you might qualify for massive health insurance savings?


Did you know that you might qualify for massive health insurance savings?

Did you know that you might qualify for massive health insurance savings?

Are your health insurance costs eating you alive? There is a new solution that could save you a lot of money! Answer the questions below to see if short-term health insurance might be a good money-saving solution for you:

What is your age?

Do you currently have health insurance?

Are you a resident of the United States?

Do you consider yourself to be in reasonably good health?

Answer yes if you don't have any major medical conditions.

Do you currently have an Obamacare insurance plan?

Did You Know that You Might Qualify for Massive Health Insurance Savings?
Great News! You can probably save a lot of money on your health plan.


How it works: Use Agile Insurance to get a quote for short-term health insurance which provides major medical benefits in case of an unexpected accident or illness. Short term health insurance offers an affordable and flexible option if you're in good health. Plans start at under $100 per month.

Agile offers instant approval which means that, if eligible, you can be approved in as little as 8 minutes and begin using many of your benefits as early as the very next day. Wait times and restrictions may vary, so please check your plan details.

Different levels of benefits among plans means you choose the right coverage for you. This flexibility makes short term health insurance very affordable. These plans offer access to a broad range of healthcare providers.

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This money-saving solution isn't for you. You should stick to a more comprehensive Obamacare plan or better.
Due to your medical issues, we recommend sticking with a plan that gives you more coverage than a short-term health insurance plan would, despite the increased cost.

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