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Will you EVER be able to retire? Take this quiz to find out.


Will you EVER be able to retire? Take this quiz to find out.

Will you EVER be able to retire? Take this quiz to find out.

Whether it’s a distant concept “down the road” or coming on like a freight train, planning for retirement is a challenge for everyone. How well prepared are you for living out your golden years without feeling a financial pinch? Find out with this short, simple quiz and learn where you’re winning at retirement saving, and where you might need a little work:

What is your current age?

What percentage of your monthly after-tax income is committed to living expenses?

How much do you have saved for retirement so far?

How well-formed is your retirement plan, in general?

Does your current employment situation support retirement planning?

Are you planning on remaining in your current country when you retire?

Does your country of residence offer socialized medicine and/or healthcare?

Do you have partner, sibling, or child that will need financial support post-retirement?

Do you own your own home?

Assuming you are unable to live alone, have you priced assisted living?

Could you rely on family members to support you if you fell into financial hardship?

Do you have a financial professional that you speak to regularly?

Do you have any "grand adventure" plans for retirement?

Think about your retirement: what are you driving?

If you have children, how will your retirement affect them?

If your retirement investments don't grow as planned, do you have a plan B?

If you received an unexpected windfall of $5,000 today, you would:

Were your parents well-prepared for their own retirement?

Does this quiz inspire you to do more to prepare financially for retirement?

Finally, what will you do to help your retirement status stay 'in the black'?

Will You EVER be Able to Retire?
Sorry! At the current rate, you will never be able to retire.

Unless you make some drastic changes in your situation, you're going to find it impossible to retire.
You might be able to retire if you're lucky and change a few things.

You can do it! Just make a few improvements to your situation and you'll be more likely to be able to afford retirement.
Congratulations! It looks like you will be able to retire!

Yes! Keep on keeping on. You'll be able to retire.
Congratulations, it looks like you will be able to retire in style!

You've got it made. Good job!

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