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What Type of Business Should You Start? Quick Personality Quiz.

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What Type of Business Should You Start? Quick Personality Quiz.

What Type of Business Should You Start? Quick Personality Quiz.

Was advanced algebra a breeze for you?

Were you a tinkerer while growing up? Are you good with building — or even deconstructing things?

I like to write and have always wondered about garnering a readership. True or false?

What motivates you on a day-to-day basis?

What do you usually wear to your interviews?

To make a profit off of a small business, your margin should be no less than —

Would you hire yourself if you were an employer?

What do accounts payable mean to you?

A franchise or an independent business?

Are you used to working long hours?

What museum are you most likely to visit?

When it comes to funding your startup, how will you describe your situation:

Which one of these scenarios describes your type of views when it comes to business?

How do you interact with others?

How comfortable are you with current day technology?

You’re interested in starting a new business. Right this moment, what’s driving you to do so?

How much time will you devote to your startup business?

Describe the business you see yourself creating.

Which describes you?

What are you most likely to look up on your phone while using the toilet?

What Type of Business Should You Start? Quick Personality Quiz.
Result 1: You want to be disruptive and innovative.

Some people will start their gig with already established businesses - that means working for Uber or Instacart, for example. Not you - you want to be the one who creates these types of services. You will most likely have a background in management and supply chain and find innovative ways to ensure an efficient and productive workspace. You have the ability, the know-how, and the balls to be disruptive and create a path for yourself.
Result 2: You want to provide a service.

Your motive isn’t exactly generating the big bucks - rather, you want to give back. You believe in philanthropy, and perhaps working closely with marginalized groups, animals, or other just causes. You know that businesses have problems, and you are offering services for these shortcomings.
Result 3: Starting a franchise.

Franchises are ready-made, with a proven business model. You like to err on the side of caution and be able to accommodate the upfront investment. Franchises are ideal for non-risk takers who want to take advantage of an already-successful structure.

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