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QUIZ: Are you destined to be RICH, middle class, or homeless?


QUIZ: Are you destined to be RICH, middle class, or homeless?

QUIZ: Are you destined to be RICH, middle class, or homeless?

Are you destined to be wealthy? Being rich is great. The cars, the vacations, homes, being able to be wacky and eccentric and have F-U money! Oh boy. But watch out-you could be making the wrong financial decisions in life that will cause you to be broke… or even homeless. Do you really want to be the wacky eccentric homeless guy? Didn’t think so…

What is your employment status?

What is your current level of education?

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

What is your household income?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Where do you live now?

How badly do you want to become rich?

Why do you want to get rich?

Have you ever promised yourself that you one day you will be rich, no matter what it takes?

Do you have a written plan or promise to yourself to build your wealth, where you have set a deadline?

Do you have any debt, if so what kind?

In terms of saving, are you good with resisting the urge to spend if you need to?

What do you do when you want to purchase something that is a little out of your price range?

When you do buy something that is somewhat expensive, do you find yourself thinking about whether in the future, it will appreciate or depreciate in value?

Do you own any stock, debt, equities, or shares?

What is the most expensive item that you own besides your home?

If you won the lottery, how would you spend your fortune?

Do you have any charitable organizations that you donate to on a regular basis?

What kind of investments do you own that you could use to generate wealth in the future?

Have you done much to learn about generating wealth?

Do you have any friends that are wealthy?

Have you ever thought about where the next big opportunity to invest will be?

Are You Destined to be Rich, Middle class, or Broke?
You are destined to be BROKE!

Sorry, if you don't make some drastic changes in your life, there is a real likelihood that you will end up broke, or even homeless.
Nice! You are most likely to be middle class.

You will probably end up comfortably middle-class - not rich, but not poor either.
Woo hoo! You're on your way to becoming filthy RICH!

Good show old chap! You are already well on your way to being rich, even filthy rich - bravo!

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