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Four high-paying side gigs for extra cash.

highest paying side gigs

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Four high-paying side gigs for extra cash.

Four high-paying side gigs for extra cash.

Welcome to the gig economy, where short term commitment and variety are praised and the days of the 40 year pension are a thing of the past. Even if you do have a 9-5, chances are you are either involved in a side gig or considering one. Well, if the latter is you, you’re in luck. We are going to dive in to some high paying side gigs that could kick your income (and goals) in to overdrive, fast.

There are a ton of side-gig options out there. The trick is finding one that comes naturally, doesn’t feel daunting,  and pays you what you are worth. If you are giving away your free hours in the day, it should be worth it financially and mentally. For some people that already hold down a 9-5, the thought of having another boss and mandated hours feels like a side prison rather than a side job. The beauty of a side gig is the ability to set your own hours, work as much or as little as you want, and charge what you want. Using this mindset, you could drive for a ride-sharing company (think Uber and Lyft), make deliveries for delivery services rather than a specific restaurant, or work online. The fact is, more people than ever are opting for side gigs to earn extra cash and effectively make ends meet. Some people have even opted to trade their day job for a series of side gigs that collectively pay as much or more and give more personal satisfaction and flexibility than ever before. Another amazing feature of the booming gig economy-  you do not need a college degree to work many of these side gig jobs. It is more about what you can and the experience you have than the bullet points on your resume.

Whether you are a college graduate or just a regular guy or gal looking to make a few bucks – working a side gig can be convenient and give you the ability to earn your chops and a some extra cash at the same time.

After thoroughly discussing WHY you would want to participate in a side gig, let’s look at 4 different high paying gigs you may consider to put the concept to work:

Copywriting and Ghostwriting

Now more than ever, writers are in great demand across a myriad of industries. As one of the only forms of true marketing left, writing gives an author the ability to help the client develop their ideas and goals into fruition through clear messages and catchy curation. The canvases from which to create are vast. Writers can pick up gigs writing content management system (CMS) articles, informational and blog write-ups, press releases, whitepaper, research, email and marketing campaigns, social media posts- and this is only the start. Whether you write for entertainment or for scholarly publication, there is a place and a gig for you. Build a strong online writing portfolio for paper publications, blogs, websites- whatever work you seek. Here are some essentials to consider when applying for online writing jobs:

  • New writers and editors may have to take grammar, punctuation, and spelling tests to determine existing skills and qualifications and prove their chops to potential clients.
  • Some companies will want to see previous examples of written copy. Or they may require you to submit an original writing sample for review and placement within their platforms and rankings.
  • You will likely have to conduct research on a variety of topics, as well as understand at least basic keyword generation and SEO depending on your specialties.
  • You can earn a substantial income if your areas of expertise fall into “in-demand”categories that are lacking quality content.
  • You must have competent listening, communication and comprehension skills in order to connect with your client’s needs and deliver.
  • Payments may be based per article, as bulk writing jobs, projects, hourly or recurring work or bonuses. Pay will vary depending on whether you write for a company or freelance for yourself.  Factors for pay will also include your skill level and desirability. It is not unusual to make anywhere from $15-$75 an hour. Just remember, you may be putting unpaid time into searching for jobs to begin with, so be sure to factor this in to how much you *actually* make on an hourly basis.

Marketing Consultant or Specialist

Marketing consultants are in great demand across a range of industries and sectors. Marketing is an undeniable cornerstone of a thriving, viable business.  Companies without the know how or time to execute effective marketing strategies reach out all the time to hire for these needs. And businesses are increasingly attracted to freelancers due to the flexibility they allow- no workers comp or payroll taxes for contracted workers, no long term commitment, and the ability to scale down if business fluctuates. If you can help formulate strategic plans for advertising client products and services, this is a high paying freelance job to consider. Whether for geo-specific, core, niche or mass audiences – marketing experts will typically be well-versed in all forms of social media and mobile marketing as well as being intimately familiar with the market they are approaching. Similarly, they should understand the intricacies of helping businesses establish greater brand visibility and awareness. Much like writers, pay will depend on experience, effectiveness, and desirability. Rates can range from $20 an hour to well over $75.

Online Interpreters and Language Tutors

In our increasingly connected society, learning a language outside of your native tongue will prove an incredible asset both personally and professionally.  If you are advanced enough to be fluent in more than one language, this one’s for you. Even if you are not fluent in an additional language, having a solid grasp on your native language could allow you to leverage your knowledge to help others learn- building your finances as you help empower others.  English tutors can teach online and earn between $16-$25 an hour doing so. If you are fluent in more than one language, online interpreters are currently earning – on average – $19.24 per hour simply for interpreting content, sites, marketing materials and other documents. And this is only the start. The earning potential can increase from there. Whether it’s English to Chinese or Spanish to English, bilingual interpreters provide much needed services for online companies, medical establishments, SEO agencies, and much more. Different companies will have varied requirements but chances are you can find a fit if this interests you.

Editors and Proofreaders

Editing and Proofreading is another great way to earn a good side income if you are analytical and enjoy looking for errors. Currently, proofreaders are making – on average – $17.94 per hour for proofreading business and client-related documents. Realistically, all you need for this gig is a computer and great command of the english language. The job is to simply read through documents, making any necessary grammatical, spelling or punctuation corrections and improving readability. Some editors will also suggest way to improve content for SEO purposes, adding value to their service depending on the project.

These jobs only scratch the surface for side hustles to consider in our gig economy.  Whether you work with your mind or your hands, there is a fit for you hiding amongst a plethora of options.  Find it, work it, and earn. Rinse and repeat.

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