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Are You Broke Because You’re Stupid or Just Unlucky?


Are You Broke Because You’re Stupid or Just Unlucky?

Are You Broke Because You’re Stupid or Just Unlucky?

Are you broke? If so, is it because you have made bad money decisions or because you’re just unlucky? Find out why you’re broke with this quick quiz!

Be honest - how many zeros are you sporting in your bank account right now?

What do you typically do with the change you get from buying something in cash?

What kind of state is your car in right now?

Good news - you just found $20 in a coat pocket. How do you react and spend it?

If your employer offers it, are you enrolled in your company’s 401k plan?

Do you have any credit cards?

What does your credit score look like?

Do you lend money to your friends?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Something important to your daily life just broke. What do you do?

What’s more important - getting something you want now, or saving up to get something later?

When was the last time you went to the doctor?

You’re eating and your tooth hurts - what’s your reaction?

If you have a partner that you live with, do you review house bills together?

Finally, how well could you deal with a major issue right now, such as job loss?

Are You Broke Because You’re Stupid or Just Unlucky?
Mostly As: You’re your own worst enemy.

You’re living in a financially short-sighted way, and that means there’s no slack whatsoever to deal with unexpected issues. You’re a paycheck away from disaster, and you’ll need to make some forward-thinking changes. Lucky charms, hopes, and prayers aren’t going to cut it.
Mostly Bs: You’re not doing fantastic, but you’re on the right path.

Some of your “brokeness” may be genuine misfortune, but the important thing is not to compound it with hasty financial moves or lack of interest in your own future. Hit the books and nose out of this tailspin - you can do it!
Mostly Cs: If you’re broke, signs point to a lot of outside interference and minimal self-destruction.

Shore up your emergency funds and spend a little smarter and you need not hold your breath the next time you get hit with a car issue, a health problem, or an overdraft fee.
Mostly Ds: You prepared, and life has bitten you on the butt.

It sounds like you did everything you could do to prevent a money crunch, but it happened anyway. Don’t despair - just keep going and the ship should right itself through your smart money moves.

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